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Domestic Auto Repair

Domestic Auto Repair in Stratford, CT

Breezy Point Auto Repairs is your domestic auto repair resource. With over 60 years of experience, Breezy Point Auto Repairs has provided expert auto repair, and maintenance for your Chevy, Ford, Dodge, and other domestic vehicles.
Has the air conditioning stopped working in your Jeep? or has one of your headlights conked out in your Ford? Sooner or later, we all need to bring our car in for repairs. Whatever your needs are, you can bring your vehicle to Breezy Point Auto Repairs in Stratford, CT. Our technicians are all ASE Certified and are highly trained in all aspects of automotive repair.

Your 1st Choice in Domestic Auto Repair

Whether you are having an issue with a mechanical or electric component of your car, Breezy Point Auto Repairs can take care of your vehicle, bumper to bumper. We offer a full diagnosis and repair for your vehicle’s air conditioning and heating, cooling system, and electrical systems. We can also repair any issues you may have with steering, your timing belt, your battery, and more. We offer a1year/12,000 mile warranty on most services. If you are in Stratford, CT, or surrounding areas, Breezy Point Auto Repairs is your place to go for all things domestic automotive repair.